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This is just a short introduction into me as an Older college student going back to school as I advance through my journey, I will update this section accordingly but please enjoy a brief synopsis of me.

My Story

Hello World, let's see about me does anyone ever know where to begin with this? lol 

let's dive in I was born in Virginia Beach, VA, and raised in Florida majority of my life, we traveled a lot because my mother was married to a commercial contractor, and where he went for a job we went as a whole, I attended quite a few schools on the east coast and made a plethora of friends from Florida to Ohio, and many of the states in between.


Now that we have a basis for my character build let's fast forward. 

  I first fell in love with IT when my pop introduced it to me when I was 14 I believe at the time, he was the IT director for the school board in our town and also had his own computer business on the side, so he taught me the original ropes of it, we would sit in the office and construct Elecom towers for customers, to their specifications of what they thought they needed, he showed me how to manipulate the software and we would also build this machines and play pc games together on the weekends testing our builds out,  we would go on his house calls and do full installs, going into crawl spaces to hard wire for a DSL connection at the time, it was a lot of fun and memories after that.


 I took a break from IT because I was presented with an opportunity to go to the service It was me and my now oldest son who was 3 at the time, and I felt it was a great decision to make to solidify a solid future for him. I joined the United States Navy as a FMF Hospital Corpsman which loosely translates into a combat medic for the Marines.

So In My late 30's with beautiful children as a Seasoned father, I decided to go back to school because I was attending ITT while I was in the service and they shut down so I figured it wasn't meant to be at the time, but I've been so fascinated with all the changes and evolution of technology I just had to go back to my first love and re-enrolled at DeVry University to finish my bachelors in Information Technology and Networking and Cybersecurity.

I wanted to give short but quick blips into my path and to let anyone who is reading know it is never too late to pursue your passion, I don't care how cheesy everyone makes that sound but it is the truth.

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